Artillery Electronic Reshef Fuzes

ResheFuze RTN180
Inductive setting

Artillery Electronic Proximity Fuze

The RTN180 is a safe, accurate and cost-effective time gated
by inductive setting, Artillery Proximity Fuze. Designed to
initiate artillery ammunition at the optimum height of burst
for maximum effectiveness. The RTN180 fuze operates in
all weather conditions and is highly immune to atmospheric
conditions and Electronics Counter-Measures (ECM).


To be used with all types of HE artillery projectiles with calibers of: 105mm up to 155mm howitzers and guns.

Proximity (PRX): Detonates projectiles at optimal height above target. Point Detonating (PD): Detonates projectiles upon impact with target.

By inductive setting system.

Reserve battery.

Two independent arming mechanisms (dual safety): Setback force of 400g minimum. Spin rate of 1700 RPM minimum. Electronic arming.

Point detonating back-up on proximity mode.

Booster pellet: 27g of comp. CH-6 or A-5.

Firing: From -40°c to +63°c Storage: From -46°c to +71°c

Overall length: 151.6mm max Intrusion length: 56.1mm max Cross section diameter: 61.2mm max Thread size: 2″-12UNS-1 A Weight: 0.70kg

MIL-STD-333: Environmental and performance tests for fuze and fuze components. MIL-STD-331: Fuze, projectile and accessory contours. MIL-STD-1316: Fuze design, safety criteria. STANAG 4187: Fuzing system – safety design requirements.

PRX Mode (factory set). Average of 9.0 meters above target. Other heights of burst upon request.

The fuze utilizes an electronic timer (3 to 199.5 seconds) which start transmission at 2.8 seconds before the set time. The fuze will not be activated by clouds, thunder or sand storms. The fuze is immune to Electronic Counter Measures (ECM).

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