Reshef Technologies provides
years of professional Experience

The company products meet the highest of
qualifications for military safety standards

Reshef Technologies obtains over three decades of experience in the development, design and production of electronic fuzes for artillery, mortar, tanks, rockets and loitering munitions.

Reshef Technologies is the main supplier of these fuzes to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) – one of the world’s most advanced armed forces.

The company leverages its expertise in products, manufacturing and development to respond to market and customer needs – with a proven track record of delivering superior fuzes known for safety, accuracy, and effectiveness.

Backed by years of proven experience, the company includes in its technological arsenal expertise in miniaturization and ruggedizing sophisticated electronics, and advanced automated assembly and manufacturing.

All of Reshef’s products are manufactured in accordance with the strictest military and NATO standards and meticulous quality control. The company is fully qualified for ISO-9001.

Reshef Development works directly with armed forces representatives, ordnance developers and manufacturers to develop next-generation innovative fuzes for guided missiles, mortars, tanks, artillery and rockets with special characteristics and features. Customers working with Reshef Development benefit from high level engineering capabilities coupled with expertise in manufacturing processes. In addition, the Reshef Development brings to the table in-depth knowledge in all relevant technology areas, such as digital signal processing, analog processing, navigation, chemical, manufacturing, and the latest ammunition fuze technologies.

The Reshef Products & Manufacturing produces a wide range of fuze products and offers military-standard fuze subcontracting manufacturing services for ordnance manufacturers. This broad and combat-proven product line is used by armed forces across the globe – backed by experience, manufacturing expertise, flexibility and strict adherence to quality standards. Reshef has the capacity to meet the demands of any sized project.