Reshef Technologies R&D Division
work directly

With armed forces, ordnance
development and manufacturers to
develop original next-generation fuzes

Fuze Development

Reshef Development works directly with armed forces, ordnance developers and manufacturers to develop original next-generation fuzes equipped with custom characteristics and special features. These challenging R&D tasks demand very high level engineering capabilities, as well as in-depth knowledge in a wide range of technologies, such digital signal processing, analog processing, navigation, chemical, manufacturing, and ammunition fuze technologies. Reshef offers unique fuze design capabilities for S&A modules and mechanical modules that withstand very high rates of acceleration.

Meeting the market’s demand for miniaturization, minimum weight and intrinsic design for mass production, Reshef Development ensures design and development that is in full accordance with MIL-STD -331 standards. The company works with all types of electronics circuits and delivers high-level electronic circuits editing. The team’s experienced engineers use SMT components, develop onboard software and employ the latest low energy consumption micro-controllers. Reshef Development also deploys inductive technology for efficient data & energy transfer, and has unique skills in deploying the use of reserve batteries, air driven turbine alternators and set-back generators.

When it comes to advanced sensors and acceleration, Reshef Development has the expertise to embed sophisticated features, with full control of RF-technologies, such as FM-CW for proximity fuzes and inner-barrel communication with projectile.

  • Miniaturization
  • Energy Efficiency
  • RF Communications
  • Software Development

Reshef mastered the methods of fuze setting by induction setters and developed a real time setting of fuze in the barrel through the firing pin.