Artillery Electronic Reshef Fuzes

ResheFuze RT148

Artillery Electronic Point Detonating Fuze

The RT148 is a safe, accurate and cost-effective Artillery Point
Detonating Fuze with super quick and delay function,
set manually.


To be used with all types of HE artillery projectiles with calibers of: 105mm – 155mm howitzers and guns.

Point detonating (PD): Detonates warhead on impact with target. Delay: Detonates warhead after 50 milliseconds from impact with target.

Setback generator.

Two independent Arming mechanisms: • Set back force of 400g minimum. • Spin rate of 1700 RPM minimum.

Booster pellet: 27g of Comp. CH-6 or A-5.

Firing: From -40°c to +63°c Storage: From -46°c to +71°c

Overall length: 151.6mm Intrusion: 56.1mm Cross section diameter: 61.2mm Thread size: 2″-12UNS-1A Weight: 0.75kg

MIL-STD-331: Environmental and performance tests for fuze and fuze components. MIL-STD-333: Fuze, projectile and accessory contours. MIL-STD-1316: Fuze design, safety criteria. STANAG 4187: Fuzing system – safety design requirements.

Artillery ResheFuzes

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