Mortar Electronic Reshef Fuzes

ResheFuse MR 760

Mortar Electronic Time Fuze

The MR760 Electronic Time Fuze is highly accurate and reliable.
Compatible with a wide range of calibers; the MR760 has manual time setting that requires no added tools. It has a detonation point that can be custom-set.


60mm, 81mm, 120mm mortar bombs, at all charges, muzzle and terminal velocities. Expelling mode – for smoke and illuminating.

Time delay, point detonating. Electromechanical impact back-up.

Manually operated (no tools required), 3.0 to 99.8 seconds x 0.1 seconds increments.

Digital setting. Positive self-locking by three setting rings. Unlimited setting storage time.

Better than 0.1 seconds. Standard deviation time delay, smaller than 0.1 seconds.

Air driven alternator.

By two environmental signatures: Set back force: Acceleration of 400g minimum, for 1 m/sec duration minimum. Sustained air flow: 30 m/sec minimum.

Miss-sequencing: Prevents arming whenever “air flow” arming conditions precede “set-back” arming conditions. Arming Distance: 100m from muzzle. Double loading: The fuze will not function in bore at a double loading event. Shorted Electric Detonator: The electric detonator are shorted until arming. Safety pull wire: No use of safety pull wire.

3g of black powder.

Operation: From -40°c to +63°c Storage: From -46°c to +71°c

Overall length: 94.8mm Intrustion size: 27.5mm Cross section diameter: 49.3mm Standard thread size: 1.5″-12 UNF-1A (can be changed due to customer request) Weight: 0.3kg

MIL-STD-331: Environmental and performance tests for fuze and fuze components. MIL-STD-333: Fuze, projectile and accessory contours. MIL-STD-1316: Fuze design, safety criteria. STANAG 4187: Fuzing system – safety design requirements.

Mortar Electronic Reshef Fuzes

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